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Hardknock Nights.Live is a simulation/arcade Boxing video game for latest-gen consoles and PC, developed in Unreal Engine 4 with cutting edge 3D modelling and motion capture for a true-to-life Boxing game experience.


HNL will blend the latest gameplay features and effects for a new feel on a time-tested theme of competitive fighting games. And with Live Replay players will be able to watch previous fights with full camera control to share with friends or keep as a memento.

Hardknock Nights.Live has been getting attention from Boxing and gaming fans across the world, and we are working hard to live up to the Boxing game that we all deserve. 


game features

Hardknock Nights.Live is a collision of real-life Boxing stories with the latest in online multiplayer and next-gen graphics. Choose current or legendary Boxers to compete in online tournaments with real prizes, or experience the story mode and learn what it takes to make it in Boxing. 

Hardknock Nights.Live will feature: 

  • Real fighters, real Boxing (pro, weight classes)


  • AAA-quality with compelling indie studio qualities


  • Online tournaments with real prizes Championship Titles


  • Live replay: Be your own director. Rewatch any fight, direct the camera (or use cinematic tools), and share with friends.


  • Training focused on form, not button mashing

  • Retro yet all-new feel


Canadapt Studio is in talks with people across the industry, and we are close to announcing our roster for Phase I.


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Dec. 26, 2018:


The team behind Hardknock Nights Live would like to wish all Boxing and Boxing simulation game fans out there happy holidays. While we work behind the scenes to put together the best Boxing game, we want you to know that we're listening to our supporters.


We are rebooting Boxing simulation video games so that we can all enjoy playing current Boxers, with the latest game effects and graphics. It's important to us to bring Boxing games to the front line of gaming, while bringing back visual and gameplay elements that inspired Boxing games of the past. 


We are bringing gamers closer to the Boxing ring. Play with your favourite fighter as a legitimate contender. Enter tournaments, win real prizes, and challenge the world in the Founders' Tournament. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and find a few corners of time to enjoy your favourite games. We present to you our countdown timer, for the first public release of the game: Boxing Day of 2019 (Dec.26). 

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